Sun Synchrony Receives California Energy Commission Grant for Breakthrough Solar Technology

Grant will support development of innovative high efficiency solar concentrator panels for distributed energy with demonstration site at Peralta Community College

ALAMEDA, CA. May 20, 2013 The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded Sun Synchrony a $475,000 grant to develop a new rooftop-deployable solar PV system that uses light-concentrating reflectors to provide higher-efficiency power generation. Sun Synchrony, the prime recipient, will develop project with the involvement of more than a dozen California partners, including Sandia National Laboratory, the Peralta Community College District, PV Evolution Labs, Plasticon, and Wright Williams, & Kelly; with over $325,000 in match funding.

Sun Synchrony applied for the grant through the CEC"s Public Interest Energy Research Program"s RD&D Grant Solicitation, "Community Scale Renewable Energy Development, Deployment and Integration" in the category "Breakthrough Community Scale Renewable Energy Technology Development."

Sun Synchrony"s project, "Breakthrough Power Density for Rooftop PV Applications", features a self-aligning photovoltaic (PV) system that concentrates the sun"s energy and follows the sun for optimal performance -- making it cost effective. Traditional ground-based high concentration PV can require as much as five times the materials, weight and space to harness the same electricity as Sun Synchrony's design. The $475,000 grant will enable the company to further develop their cutting-edge, high-efficiency solar technology.

In 2014, the Laney campus of the Peralta Community District will serve as a demonstration site for the Sun Synchrony system. "The process of fabricating the components and installing the system will provide a great learning opportunity for students from at least three of Laney"s programs: Machine Technology, Green Technology and Environmental Control Technology," said Charles Neal, the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Manager for the Peralta School District

About Sun Synchrony
Sun Synchrony is developing breakthrough solar products to generate electricity using concentrator solar photovoltaics. The high sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency afforded by Sun Synchrony's HCPV technology can open up new markets to solar power applications, particularly where space constraints exclude the possibility of using conventional silicon panels due to their limited efficiency.

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